May 2008

Mark is a dear friend (and also did all the coding for this website). He picked up the guitar a few years ago and is now an accomplished musician and composer (visit his new website here: Mark Marabeti). He just posted his first video on YouTube, featuring an original song he wrote and performed, set to moving images that will give you goosebumps.

I like this video as it’s a great marriage of many things — technology and arts; food and culture; music and nature… But it’s also a wonderful union of an international community. As an Asian American myself, I’m always especially interested in stories related to my mom’s birth country, Japan. I’ve traveled through Japan and have tried many different dishes, but I’d never seen how the seasonal bamboo shoot, takenoko, is prepared. The fascinating bit to me, is that I’m not learning about the cooking methodology on the Food Network, but am instead seeing how it’s done from a recognized technology pioneer, Joi Ito, on a world-famous blog, Boing Boing. Plus, Ryuichi Sakamoto (Academy Award, Golden Globe and Grammy award winning composer) offered to compose an original score for the video.


About a month ago I was in London and had the chance to be taped for an episode of the BBC’s flagship technology program called Click. Dan Simmons asked me several questions about video blogging, how it’s done, who does it, etc.  You can catch me about half-way through the show and at the end.

Click this to watch –> Rise of the mobile video blog


Today, the Financial Times wrote a piece highlighting European companies that have been able to hold their own against their American counterparts. XING, Europe’s largest business networking site, has not only emerged as the first Web 2.0 company to IPO in the world, but has also been making money, something you don’t hear about too often in the Internet world. The story featured a large photo of Lars Hinrichs, CEO and founder, below. You can read the story in its entirety here: Europe’s Online Voice.