March 2008

This Wednesday, I went in to the office to be taped for an upcoming episode of Ivy Brain, with host Reena Jadhav.  Reena is an inspiring and articulate entrepreneur, in addition to being a photogenic TV host.  She also runs Career Hero which provides insight, ideas, mentorship and guideance to students entering the work force.  If you have experience to share, you can be a hero on Career Hero.  It only take a few minutes to set up your profile.  You can check out mine here.

Once the video on is up, I’ll let you know.

PR is a great way to get the word out about your company without incurring hundreds of thousands of dollars on a nationwide advertising campaign.  We typically introduce our clients to bloggers and journalists before the news is official, so the story can be described and explored in confidence with the writer before it’s put out to the world.  On the day of the news, most of our clients also put the news out on a wire distribution service like PR Newswire or MarketWire, which can cost thousands of dollars, depending on the length of the press release.  In addition to using the mainstream wire services, we typically also upload the release to free distribution sites.  While the reach may not be as broad as the others, it does get the word out in as many places as possible, so it’s worth the extra effort.

Here are the free sites we post to.  You’ll notice we post to both US and UK sites, as we are talking world-wide-web, not US-wide-web, after all…

PR Urgent            


PR Inside             

Pressbox UK         


UK PR Wire          

US PR Wire          

There are also free distribution sites for vertical categories, like our favorite for casual games, GamesPress (

In addition, we usually put a shout-out via feeds on Facebook, Twitter, etc. to keep the conversation alive.  So the next time you have a release, might as well take advantage of some free PR (distribution).

Starting today, XING banners and plaquards will be appearing throughout heavily trafficked areas in Vienna, Austria, including this huge banner that adorns the Hilton Vienna Hotel currently under construction.  The theme of the campaign is “Who’s connecting with whom – 5 Million members maintain their business relationships on XING.”  If you’re in Vienna this month, you’ll see the ads in the subway stations, at the bus stations, and office complexes.XING springs up in Vienna

Yesterday, reQall launched their new product, reQall 2.0 which helps reduce a bit of the stress in our lives by offloading tasks, ideas, lists, assignments, and more.  How, you ask?  I’ve set up my mobile phone with a speed dial key that rings reQall.  Then, I tell reQall what I want to do – “Remind Dominic to buy me lots of fancy bling,” “Buy Riley more peanut-butter stuffed dog bones”, “change clocks ahead this Sunday”… you get my drift.  reQall then transcribes my voice into text and sends me a reminder at the right time.  It also intelligently categorizes my tasks – when I say “buy” it puts it into my shopping list, when I say “remind Dominic” it sends him a reminder vs me.  Pretty cool, huh?  And all just in time, as my birthday was yesterday and I forgot to buy more ginkgo biloba to help my aging memory.

Congratulations to Alfredo and Scott for putting on another great full day of conversation, presentations, networking and entertainment at their annual Brand Summit conference in Palo Alto.   Technology experts from various categories were on hand to share real-world examples of what works and what doesn’t in an open and convivial atmosphere.  The conclusion of the day’s event was the Brand Awards dinner where companies were recognized for their marketing efforts the past year in categories spanning flat-screen TVs to printers to e-commerce sites.   There was even a professional comic on hand to keep the crowd lively.  Pictured above is Alfredo Muccino of Liquid Agency and Mark de la Vina of the San Jose Mercury News (my self-portrait skills were clearly rusty here – ooops).

Alfredo Muccino (Liquid Agency), Kathy Johnson (Consort Partners), Mark de la Vina (San Jose Mercury News)