January 2008

AlwaysOn Media NYC 2008 003 We just returned from NYC late last night after attending the AlwaysOn Media conference at the Mandarin Oriental. We were there to support two companies in the digital media space – T5M and Independent Comedy Network; and four companies in the Web Services category – PageFlakes, ShareThis, coComment, and Boxbe.

Noah Gellman of AlwaysOn was especially helpful in reviewing everyone’s presentation before they went on stage – offering constructive criticism and observations. He also introduced us to several new contacts in the VC, investment banking and legal fields.

Dominic, Andrea, Heddi and myself are all in New York next week to attend the AlwaysOn Media conference. We’ll be supporting our clients as they take the stage for their 6 minute presentations, followed by commentary from expert panelists from the VC and investment banking community. I’ll provide more updates and will naturally be taking lots of photos while there, but here is the agenda for you to check out in the meantime: AlwaysOn Media NYC


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So I just watched Nickelodeon’s Naked Brothers Band and thought it was actually very cute. It was a sweet family program featuring several of the Draper clan (at least I assume, given the distinctive dark eyes and dark hair). Silicon Valley mogul and godfather of venture capital Tim Draper played the school principal with a big heart and an extra dose of comedic humor. Here is an outtake of the show. Meanwhile, I’m still humming the opening song written and performed by the youthful and talented star, Nat Wolff. The show draws a weekly audience of 2.8 million and has established the stars (brothers Nat and Alex) as top child actors. Sounds like a sound investment prospect to me. Wonder if they have a Facebook profile… (I’m sure they do!)

This year’s theme for the Liquid Brand Summit, hosted by the incredible minds at Liquid Agency (who designed our new look and feel) is “What’s Next?” They chose the theme in recognition of the fact that brand marketers need to stay ahead of the ever changing digital landscape in order to keep their ideas and approaches fresh, distinctive and relevant. Therefore, they’ve planned a day full of topics that address the latest trends and the issues that are most relevant to marketers today, delivered directly by the executives who are pioneering these new best practices.

Shireen Piramoon, Alfredo Muccino (Liquid Agency), Kathy Johnson (Consort Partners) The Liquid Brand Summit 2008 is a one-day exclusive event, attended by brand and marketing executives from technology companies. During the summit they’ll discuss a number of relevant and timely topics in engaging and highly participatory round table sessions moderated by experienced, senior branding and marketing executives from some of the world’s most respected technology brands.

We are true believers in Liquid (I’ve personally known and worked with Alfredo Muccino, Chief Creative Officer of Liquid for over 15 years) and would highly recommend you set aside the day to mix and mingle with like-minded executives while taking note of the most innovative ways to reach consumers and partners.

Save up to $250!

We’ve negotiated a special discounted rate for friends of Consort Partners that will save you up to $250 from the Late Registration rate. We suggest you sign up now and get the sessions you want, as they’re assigned on a first come-first serve basis.  And make sure you ask Liquid for the Consort discount!

The registration fee includes:
• Participation in two sessions
• Continental breakfast
• Keynote presentation
• Lunch at The Four Seasons Hotel
• Hosted Cocktail Party
• Brand Impact Awards Banquet
• Best Practices Report 2008

If you haven’t, you’re probably wondering why I’m mentioning it here. “The Naked Brothers Band” has nothing to do with naked people – indeed, it’s far from it. It features a name we know well in Silicon Valley and is a fun-spirited, insider’s perspective on a family with a quite famous surname: Draper.

What started as a family feature film that garnerned the Audience Award at the 2005 Hamptons International Film Festival, subsequently was picked up by Nickelodean as a series starting early last year. On Monday, set your DVR for 8pm to catch the NBB, featuring Polly Draper and a cameo of Tim Draper, from the venture capital institution, DFJ. The show has received international acclaim as one of Nickelodeon’s top television programs, including nominations at the 2007 Nickelodeon Australia Kids’ Choice Awards and the 2007 Nickelodeon U.K. Kids’ Choice Awards. Let’s see if Tim can act as well as he can pick financial winners.

Vic Keegan of The Guardian just met Loic Le Meur of Seesmic in London. They posted a few videos but the last one was pretty funny. Vic asks Loic when he came up with the idea to start Seesmic and Loic explains when they finally realize they are still on Seesmic. They gave me a laugh. Check it out here… Why write when you can just Seesmic

The team was in full force. Here are a few shots for now. Explanation and background to come soon.

Open Web Awards

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I haven’t had a chance to upload any of my photos yet, but I did take a few and there are some fun ones in the collection! Meanwhile, Mashable has already posted theirs – here is one from their set featuring the effervescent Jeremy Pepper and Dominic. More to come!

The Consort team will be in full force at the Mashable Awards Event in San Francisco tomorrow night, along with several of our clients and friends.  David H, Andrea, Heddi, Neuf, David O, Dominic and myself will be showing up early to mix and mingle with Boxbe, Pageflakes, Seesmic, Metaplace, WooMe, Independent Comedy Network, ShareThis, CoComment, Nile Guide, Draper Richards, Wellington Partners, Balderton Capital, among others.  Hope to see you there!

Vegas Slow Hand

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This week several journalists and bloggers are in Las Vegas for CES (Consumer Electronics Show). I’ve just been checking my Twitter account and see that about 5000 people are in a room listening to Bill Gates’ keynote speech. I’ve also been following the Tweets of Loic Le Meur and Robert Scoble, amongst others, as they took a “blogger bus” from SF to Vegas. Wow – that’s dedication! Meanwhile, I’ve been happily nested in Marin; avoiding the rain after the major storm hit us hard on Friday.

Instead of Vegas, we’re staying in SF this week and will be meeting with existing and some brand new clients! The entire Consort team will also be attending the Mashable Awards Event on Thursday. I’ll have my camera with me and will chronicle the highlights later. More to come 😉

We could use your support in making sure WooMe wins the Vator.tv contest.  Please click here and vote for WooMe.  Thanks!

Daniela (Xing), Om (GigaOm), and me

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Om is one of the nicest, smartest, most opinionated guys I know and I consider him a good friend. He’s also an extremely hard worker so we missed seeing him over the past few days on his popular blog, GigaOm. He has today provided a public explanation – he has suffered a heart attack, but is doing okay.

Take care Om! Your GigaGirls Fan Club is waiting for your speedy return!